CIB (International Council for Research and Innovation in Building and Construction) was established in 1953 as an association whose objectives were to stimulate and facilitate international cooperation and information exchange between governmental research institutes in the building and construction sector, with an emphasis on those institutes engaged in technical fields of research.

CIB has since developed into a worldwide network of over 5,000 experts from about 500 member organisations with a research, university, industry or government background, who collectively are active in all aspects of research and innovation for building and construction. This conference provides exceptional value for academic researchers and industry practitioners.

CIB W78 – Information Technology for Construction – is one of the largest and most active working commissions of CIB. The scope of W78’s work is broad in terms of the design, construction and occupation and occupancy of constructed facilities, but primarily it relates to the integration and communication of data, information and knowledge in the facility’s life cycle.

Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) are relevant to all aspects of the workplace and are seen as a major enabler of productivity improvement as well as more sophisticated and integrated design and construction.

Against this background the Commission focuses on:

  • Development and application of integrated IT throughout the life-cycle of the design, construction and occupancy of buildings and related facilities.
  • Demonstration of capabilities developed in collaborative research projects on Construction IT.