Combining repeatable business processes and research innovations using Building Information Modeling (BIM) technologies promises dramatic improvements to the efficiency of the capital facilities industry. The objective of this ongoing Workshop series is to accelerate research efforts through the hands-on exchange of ideas, data, and tools and reduce the duplication of effort currently required of students and educators to create platforms for research and teaching.

As a special feature, the workshop will deal with challenges raised during the conference.  Teams of between two and five persons will work in "hackathon" style to create rapid prototypes that aim to solve industry problems identified by CIB W078 keynote speakers and conference organizers.

When and Where

20 Sep 19, Friday Afternoon. Workshop Team Meeting and Selection of Topics.
20 Sep 19, Friday Afternoon-Evening. Workshop Working Session.

21 Sep 19, Saturday Morning, Workshop Demonstrations, Judging, and Awards
21 Sep 19, Saturday Afternoon, Extended Research Demonstrations

Benefits to Attendees

Participants of this workshop will be provided access to an international set of contacts, model servers, tools, and techniques that can be used to eliminate much of the background effort currently required.  This Workshop will facilitate researcher's connections with the open standards community ensuring that research results can be more readily adopted worldwide.  New researchers and graduate students will directly benefit from this Workshop by reducing their start-up time related to the creation of BIM-based data sets and research tools and test beds.  

Participants of the hackathon will be able to demonstrate their ability to innovate and create while working to solve today's pressing identified as the CIBW 078 Conference keynote speakers.

Workshop Teams

To participate in the hackathon portion of the program, workshop participants will identify their Workshop Teams of between two (2) and five (5) people. Everyone signing up for the Workshop will be sent a Workshop Team Sign-Up form. Teams are encouraged but not required to share their computer code on gitHub. Videos of final team presentations on Saturday morning will be published on the conference website.

Each team is responsible to bring their own computers. WiFi connections will be provided.

Judging will be conducted by the event organizers and selected industry thought leaders.

Extended Research Demonstration Presenters

Authors of accepted conference papers in the Building Information Modeling (BIM) and/or Industry Foundation Classes (IFC) tracks/special sessions of the CIB W78 Conference, as well as other internationally recognized researches, will be invited to submit an extended abstract for consideration as a BIM Workshop Extended Research Demonstration presenter.

Accepted presenters will conduct live demonstrations of their tools, techniques and approaches and interactively demonstrate detailed technical specifications, computer code, and experience to facilitate discussion of shared solutions with the potential to help attendees reduce start-up efforts and improve verification and validation of their research in areas that requires BIM's.

At the conclusion of these live demonstrations, the presenter will provide links where attendees may download the data and tools used to allow the presenters work to be duplicated by others.

Note that accepted presenters must provide live demonstrations of their work, use of powerpoint, movie files, or other pre-recorded presentation material is not allowed. Should presenters use pre-recorded materials, they will be stopped by the session moderator and be asked to return to the live software demo.

Related Content

A special feature of this year's workshop will be a hands-on session for attendees to download and install BIMserver and BIM Surfer (and related technologies) on their computers. Sample data will be provided based on the East Dormitory Project files ( and other material. Attendees are encouraged to also bring their own IFC data, and share those files with others.

Registration and Fees

Advanced registration is required.

Fees (£150) will include participation and admission to the Hackathon and Workshop, Saturday mid-morning coffee break and lunch.  There is no cost for invited presenters of the Extended Research Demonstrations.

Workshop Coordinator Dr. Bill East, PhD, PE, F.ASCE, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

For additional information or other inquiries, please contact Dr. Bimal Kumar This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..